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17th March 14

Uncompromising, vigorous and determined.

The National Front is just one of many parties calling themselves, ‘nationalist’. Why are there many parties? Why don’t they amalgamate? Why isn’t one party successful at the expense of the others?

There are several reasons:

1. There have been a series of ineffective, and/or crooked, leaders.

2. Following on this there has been no attempt at setting up a proper administrative structure.

3. Worst of all there has been no understanding of the basic reason for our belief in ‘nationalism’. It is belonging to a successful nation that ensures our day-to-day survival and that of our families. (Note the concept of our children inheriting the country is not the primary reason for being a nationalist.)

4. There is a complete failure to understand the forces trying to destroy our nation. For the purposes of this article it doesn’t matter whether you call these forces, ‘communism’, Judaism, Molochism, or any other ism. The aim of our enemy is simply to destroy us step by step. Everything is done by the enemy to weaken our nation whether physically or morally.

It is hard for a normal healthy mind to understand that the enemy ‘worships’ death, destruction and perversion. Our enemy’s mind works in the opposite way to that of a normal person.

Returning to the current UK situation, it does not seem to be quite understood how skilled the enemy are in the use of words and argument. Consequently, one of the weaknesses of nationalists is that they have been lured into believing that they are in some way ‘extreme’ and that to counter the enemy some of whom describe themselves as ‘left-wing’ that they must therefore be ‘right-wing’.

Again, it is a particular strategy of the enemy that he engineers situations whereby one faction, or side is set against another in such a way that the strength of that body is dissipated. Catholics v Protestants weakening the Christian church; Conservatives v Labour both running the country down; young v old, men v women and so on. Currently, a very good example is that of Sunni Moslems fighting Shia Moslems in Syria and Iraq resulting in plenty of death, destruction and misery.

So much damage has been done to our nation that much requires to be put right, however, this does not imply extremism. We should say, for example, ‘We are uncompromising in our belief that humane repatriation is the only solution’, or ‘We will vigorously rebuild the moral stature of our nation’. We are determined bring back our traditional laws. It is absolutely essential that nationalists henceforth understand that they are normal and balanced and that they should promote themselves as such. Terms such as ‘radical’ and ‘extreme right-wing’ should be rigorously weeded out from nationalist literature and speech. Nationalists should complain if the media use these terms. It is normal and balanced to react strongly when attacked!

How does the above bring the many parts of the nationalist movement together and make one effective whole?

Let’s look at two extreme examples! We have one or more groups that are fascinated by the National Socialist doctrines of the NSDAP. We have another group that believes that we cannot repatriate the foreigners who have been born in the UK.

To the first group I would say that they must understand that in the thirties by and large national socialist doctrines were just used as a way to get into power. Once in power national socialism morphed into a military dictatorship that eventually ruined the German nation. So by all means study national socialism but do so with the clear understanding that UK nationalism will not lead to militarism.

To the second, mentally weak, group I would say quite simply that all foreigners must leave the country. If they remain in our country, it is no longer our country. This group must overcome its weakness and become mentally tough.

Both groups need to learn that if they are really nationalists that they need to work together. This is what nationalism is about. It is about working together even when the individual has no immediate benefit from the association.

We in the National Front can have no illusion that there will be a sudden amalgamation but what we can do is to intensify our efforts on items 2,3 and 4 above. We can do this now.

(Item 1, of course, will then solve itself.)

Please note that the above does not propose any change to the political programme. What is proposed is a dramatic change in presentation and attitude.

Mentally tough, determined and uncompromising.

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