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2nd January 2014

“A long and happy retirement.”

This article is particularly “avant guard” and must not be taken as an indication of current practical nationalist policy. The reason for this article is to ask the question, “What is the purpose to the nation of retirees?” This is a question ignored in our current society.

There is an underlying belief in today’s society that there is an entitlement to ‘a long and happy retirement’. But, of course, there is no basis for this supposition, which can be regarded as a secular version of the Christian concept of going to heaven for eternal life. Be a good Christian and the reward is eternal life. Be a good worker and the reward is a long and happy retirement.

What benefit does the nation get from supporting retirees who give nothing to the nation but take the nation’s resources?

Here is the dilemma! What is good for the individual is not good for the nation.

How should this dilemma be solved or at least mitigated?

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