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20th Mar 18

Why the National Front is not in power!

Members of the National Front, and indeed of other parties calling themselves nationalist, are surprised that the electors stay with the established parties even though they disagree with those parties’ policies. Members tend to regard the electors as dumb.

Undoubtedly electors are careless in their knowledge, or rather lack of knowledge, of the policies, aims and personalities of the parties in an election. They are content to vote, when given the opportunity, on the basis of how their fathers voted or even just on a whim or single issue. Having said that the National Front does not promote itself clearly and this allows the opposition to proclaim their own garbled version of the National Front policies. In particular, the opposition state that the National Front is a Hitlerite party with the aim of dictatorship.

The National Front needs to make it clear that it is a political party that is purely working within the democratic system to gain power. It does not have dictatorship, as a clandestine aim, as is implied by some of its members and the opposition.

The National Front was founded 50 years ago by educated men and women and that was still in a time that was overshadowed by WW2 and its participants, in particular, Adolf Hitler with his creed of military dictatorship. Also there was a fresh memory of Oswald Moseley’s “Blackshirts”. The original Blackshirts were Italian under Mussolini and were an extra-legal force outside the law. Hitler’s SS copied Mussolini’s Blackshirts and their. uniform was also black. Finally, Moseley again copied the continentals with his own Blackshirts. (Now in the UK, wearing any uniform “for political purposes” is banned by law.)

Consequently, electors would be correct in looking with suspicion at a party that is alleged to hanker after black uniforms. Additionally it must be pointed out that the concept of extra-legal Blackshirts is totally opposed to the English principle of “freedom under the law” and the Magna Carta principle of “the law applies equally to all citizens (including the king)”.

Shortly after the foundation of the National Front the original leaders were ousted and the leadership taken over by John Tyndall and Martin Webster. Both these men appeared to admire Adolf Hitler – Why? John Tyndall was a powerful speaker and became Chairman of the Party but it was Martin Webster who actually ran the Party and built it up. Tyndall’s lack of education and finally his demand for more power to the Chairman (himself) and the public revelation that Martin Webster was a homosexual caused the break up of the original National Front into a number of splinter groups.

The National Front lost many supporters through the poorly veiled admiration of Hitler by Tyndall and Webster and the homosexuality of Martin. This loss was most apparent amongst organisers and the educated.

Additionally, to the above remark re the dictatorship and the democratic system, the current Party needs to distance itself from its earlier relationship with John Tyndall and Martin Webster. The Party needs to concentrate on recruiting people who have the abilities required to be MPs and Councillors.

Currently, in the nationalist movement as a whole, much time an energy is, IMO, wasted in futile examination of WW2 deaths and general baiting of Jews. The National Front purpose is the governance of the UK and it is to this end our time and energy must be spent.

The current party registered with the Electoral Commission as the National Front is a direct descendent of one of the splinter groups.

Letterhead of the Policy Committee of the original National Front showing its members titles and educational attainments. This prior to the takeover by Tyndall and Webster.

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