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11th Feb 17

“Our Nation is dying.”

Part 1 - Children

Many nationalists believe that there is a group of people, loosely referred to as Marxists or Molochists, that wish to destroy our Nation. Nationalists believe that this is being done by promoting the invasion of the United Kingdom by African and Asian peoples. The Marxists promote this invasion and Nationalists have concentrated their efforts on publicising and opposing the invasion. The purpose of the invasion is to mongrelise and thus destroy our Nation.

However, this invasion is only one part of the attack on our Nation by the Marxists. What has been virtually ignored by Nationalists is the equally serious effect of the lack of children being born in the UK to the indigenous population (That’s us!). Again, this lack is promoted by the Marxists via liberalism, mock equality, porn and hedonism. Currently, and for the past 50 years, births have been below the ‘replacement value’.

For a youngster today, he/she is faced with rising taxes and rising prices for housing. Saving for a deposit on a house or renting a house is almost prohibitive. It becomes even more so if they have paid for a university degree. What happens, in practice, is that these youngsters tend not marry at an age of 20 as their grandfathers did. Each boy and girl is faced with saving for a deposit to buy a house. Even once this is done they have to continue working to pay the mortgage so they cannot afford to have children.

Nationalists need, therefore, to propose a system that puts things right! Our proposal is to lessen taxation on the young, or indeed subsidising young married couples and so make housing affordable.

Even if this is done, by the nature of things, it will be many years before the indigenous population is back to a viable, balanced level.

We will need the Poles for another 30 years?

Part 2 - Pensions

The consequences of this shortage are dramatic and only just now being recognised. There is a serious shortage of labour, particularly in the food and agriculture industries. This shortage has been overcome by employing vast numbers of European young men and women, especially from Poland, Czechland and Slovakia. There are shortages of recruits to the Armed Forces.

It is becoming clear that the working population consisting of the indigenous people is becoming too small to support the growing mass of old people.

Politicians and the general population are ignoring this problem. See A long and happy retirement.

The old people have all been promised pensions but only the monetary side of this promise is ever discussed. Whether there will be the structure, or the young people to service that pension, is never discussed, or even thought about. It matters not if the pension is personally saved, or is provided by the State, there has to be young people prepared to honour and service the pension. Some day, perhaps not far away, the youngsters are not going to honour pensions promised by politicians from previous generations. This will be particularly likely if the youngsters are not OUR youngsters.

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