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28th December 2015

Hitlerism, Racial Nationalism, Social Nationalism – Totalitarianism, Democracy

It is almost impossible to discuss Hitler in the Western world, as the Media and many of the Legislative Assemblies are dominated by Jews. The UK Conservative Party has 60% plus MPs belonging to the club, “Friends of Israel” and the US Congress and Senate have similar allegiances. The only thing that is heard about Hitler in the mainstream is about Jews.

Hitler was a soldier like, for example, Napoleon. His objective was conquest and like Napoleon he wished to conquer all Europe and beyond. Napoleon was merely imprisoned once defeated; there was no campaign of denigration.

Very simply Hitler’s career was as follows:
Prior to WW1 he was a pan-German racial nationalist. During WW1 he fought on the Western Front in the Bavarian infantry and won two Iron Crosses (Similar to our MM).
Immediately after the war he worked as a liaison man for the German Army between the Army and various armed groups and nationalist groups.
This job morphed into leading a nationalist group and led to him being involved in the “Putsch” of 1923 which was an attempt to take over the Bavarian Government by force. The failure of the “Putsch” led to Hitler’s imprisonment and it was during that imprisonment that he wrote “Mein Kampf”. (Chapter 1 is a 'must read' for everyone!)
After leaving prison he revived the “National Socialist German Workers Party” (=NSDAP). During the late twenties and early thirties this Party became electorally very successful and in 1933 was able to get Hitler made Chancellor and finally to get the Reichstag to vote itself out of existence leaving Hitler to rule by decree.

Once Hitler was in power he shed all pretence of democracy and executed all leading Party members who were against his rule, in particular, the SA chief Röhm, who wanted a programme of socialism. (The SA was the semi-military wing of the NSDAP). He went on to execute other senior Army and political figures. Also Gregor Strasser who was a leading figure in the build up of the NSDAP and had demanded that there should be a programme of socialism. Trade unionists were murdered or imprisoned. GERMANY BECAME A TOTALITARIAN STATE WITH A SOLE DICTATOR. The final rule of law in Germany after 1934 was the “Führer Befehl”.

Once Hitler had full control he organised the German state for war. Socialism was forgotten.

In retrospect, it can be seen that the adoption of socialist principles during the early years of the NSDAP, for example, making for sound money, jobs, housing and so on was a device to gain power so that Hitler could go to war. Was Hitler ever a national socialist? Did he just talk about socialism until he got in to power? The answer must be,Yes!

Hitler was a racial nationalist, but it can be asserted that he never showed the empathy of a socialist for the individuals of the nation.

Returning to the UK situation. Firstly, it is unsurprising that people are wary of groups calling themselves “Nationalist” as they do not want to be conned, as were the German people. Our enemies in the Media and Parliament continually stoke up the suspicion that the National Front is conning the UK electors in a similar fashion.

Within the “Nationalist” groups there is confusion: Are we Democrats, or are we Totalitarians?

This is the real division within the nationalist movement not that of “Moderate” or “Hard Line”.

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