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24th August 04

A Moderate National Party.
Racial Nationalism

Since the end of WWII, politics in the UK, and indeed in the world in general, has been overshadowed by the great battle between the opposing dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler and the associated creeds of Communism and Racial Nationalism. Today’s historians were too young to have been involved in WW2 and now 60 years on they are re-examining these opposing regimes more objectively than the historians who lived through that era. One question that no historian, or indeed political commentator, will yet answer is, “Why did the United Kingdom fight on the communist side?” Why fight for or against either of these terrible totalitarian regimes?

Communism has always been a puzzle! What is it? Is it just an economic system? Do communists really believe that everyone in the world would grow to be exactly like each other, holding the same opinions and having the same desires, provided that they are living in the same accommodation, working in similar factories, wearing the same clothes and eating the same food; that men and women would become the same, that genius and moron would become the same and that the races would become the same? Does it have to be for communists that despite their belief in an absurd unreal equality that there always emerges in communist states a leader who is not the same as his followers; leaders such as Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot who end in killing millions of their own people. Must communism always be totalitarian? Again does a Racial Nationalist state have to be totalitarian? Does it have to have a dictator like Hitler and have as its main purpose, war? Communism, as a theory in which no individual owns property and everyone works for everybody’s general good for free, is a benign concept. However, ‘communism’ as practised by Lenin and then Stalin and their followers involves the belief in a crazy impossible equality. Anyone who they believed was not equal they executed – by the million. Their idea that people become the same by having a like environment is known in science as Lamarckism and in general is rejected.

However, on the other hand, the idea of Racial Nationalism seems to be well founded and is supported by science. Defence of one’s homeland and concern that the individuals of the nation remain healthy and happy are normal reasonable human desires. It was the perversion by Hitler of this ideal, and the use he made of it as an excuse to run a totalitarian warlike state, that has for the last 60 years prevented discussion of Racial Nationalism and its promotion.

Racial Nationalism is a concept and is not, in itself, a system of government. What is proposed for the National Party is our traditional form of government with its traditional rights and freedoms for the individual but accepting the principle of Racial Nationalism. It specifically rejects totalitarianism be it Hitlerism, Stalinism or EU/Blairism. The Nation only unites in a compulsory way to defend our land and people, otherwise we are free! The National Party should be seen as moderate and centre of the road. It will be both conservative and socialist. It will be conservative in that it will not seek to make rapid changes and will be socialist in that it recognises that all citizens are interdependent.

“We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children.”

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"We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children's children."

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