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20th October 2015

An overview

Starting with an assertion: “Despite the large number of groups calling themselves “nationalist”, none of them have any real grasp of what a nationalist should understand by the term.”

There are two principal reasons why these small groups do not combine into one powerful organisation.

One is the damage done to the nationalist movement by three men who have led the United Kingdom nationalist scene over the last 90 years: Oswald Moseley, John Tyndall and Nick Griffin. These leaders have dominated nationalist thought in the UK over the last 90 years. Two of these leaders have been strongly influenced by the German NSDAP and its associated Hitlerism. Nick Griffin appeared to deliberately destroy the British National Party and, in particular, had no stable ideology.

Neither Tyndall nor Griffin promoted a coherent understanding of the fundamentals of nationalism and most particularly did not make it clear that Hitler, together with his totalitarian regime, was NOT national socialist and NOT democratic. It is taken as self evident that a UK nationalist party would be democratic and not totalitarian. (This remark expanded in the attached Article C).

The second reason is the lack of understanding of the meaning of national socialism (=Social Nationalism?) and its importance for the safety of our people and the stability of our nation.

This blog discusses the fundamentals of nationalism. It is hoped that by teaching these fundamentals that it will facilitate the amalgamation of the small groups into that one powerful organisation that can become a majority in the House of Commons.

Appended are a variety of articles that illustrate nationalist thought. These articles are not the policies of any particular party.

There are a number of factors that are common both to the members of the so-called nationalist parties and the general public.

1. The general public are happy to accept the advances in science in some directions, but not others. Accepted are electronic wizardry, medical techniques, aeroplanes and etc, but totally ignored, or even denied, are the sciences of people (anthropology and biology )and heredity (genetics).
2. The general public seem totally unaware that our civilisation is very fragile and could easily collapse.
3. The general public expect to be looked after and cannot envisage having to look after themselves.

Within the nation, there is a complex interaction of duties and services rendered. These interactions can be very one sided and can only be explained by regarding the individual as part of the nation. This is socialism and is entirely different to the Marxist ideas of equality. Members of a nation are NOT equal; they have different functions that can vary with their age and inborn abilities.

Our civilisation is a complex system in which each individual receives services and gives services to their fellow citizens. The most basic example is: A man, or woman does a job and with his, or her wages keeps their family and pays taxes to the State so that the State can run communal services, such as, maintaining roads and schools. However, a baby expects to be looked after and gives nothing in return (perhaps a smile and gurgle). A front line soldier may give his life, or a pregnant woman hers.

It is most unfortunate that using the strict meaning of the words that a party operating as nationalist party and also as a socialist party is a national socialist party. This is confusing as the military regime in pre-war Germany often used the same designation. There is no reason why a UK national socialist should wish to invade the world!

This blog is about the organising of a nationalist party (=social nationalist party) in which there is a reasonable balance between the policies that benefit the individual and those that benefit the nation as a whole. This is in contrast to the LibLabCon party that disregards the nation and the prewar NSDAP that disregarded the individual.

A racial nationalist believes that the safety and well-being of himself and family is optimised within the nation, (and that mixing with other races leads to degeneration and instability).

Short Biography of Michael Easter

Born in Woodford, Essex 1935; War years in Widnes, Lancs;
Educated Reigate and Imperial College; 2yrs national service; BSc in Chemistry and worked as owner and MD of a chemical manufacturing company.
Married, 4 grown up children, 8 grandchildren.
1976 joined National Front. 1982 founder member of the New National Front that became the BNP.
1988 joined the rump National Front but remained in the BNP. Left the BNP and continued with the National Front in 2009. Was an area official for all these parties and currently is South East Regional Organiser for the NF.

Please note that this blog is personal and not a National Front blog.

This is very much a first edition. Constructive comments to:

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