1st December 07

Revised Strategy for a National Party versus the BNP Strategy.


          The purpose of a National Party is to rule the United Kingdom.


          Unfortunately, the leaders of the BNP have lost sight of this simple fact.  The only way that a National Party can come to power is to have the majority of Members in the House of Commons.  It follows, therefore, that the major effort and the majority of resources available should be expended to that aim.    Huge sums of money and millions of hours effort have been expended over the last 35 years without gaining a single MP.


          The National Party should organise itself single-mindedly towards promoting itself as party concerned with the government of the United Kingdom.   In order to do this, it must, as its first priority, organise Parliamentary Candidates throughout the United Kingdom.   Clearly, all these candidates will not be of sufficient calibre to be MPs but as long as they are ‘honest citizens’ without a bad history, they will be a rallying point in their constituency.


          Once there is a candidate in the constituency, that candidate, or the growing group of supporters, can start ‘politicking’, for example, the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate can have ‘opinions’, or he/she can request information from Councils and other official  bodies.


          At an election the local Candidate is already known, and even if he does not win, he will allow supporters to have someone to vote for, and the number of votes will tot up over the entire UK – for example, we could hope to read, ‘Over a million people voted nationalist in the last election’.


          As the local constituency party grows, it will attempt to find a candidate with the calibre required to be a successful MP, who would replace the original temporary candidate.   There needs to be a mechanism for this changeover, as such a manoeuvre can be tricky in personnel terms!


          MPs currently selected by Lib/Lab/Con are often effectively selected by their corresponding national head offices.  These candidates are nominees of various pressure groups, for example, large companies and banks in the case of the Tory Party and (communist) trade unions in the case of the Labour Party.   Your ‘local’ MP is not, therefore primarily concerned with his constituents but rather with his company or union sponsors.


          It shall be a specific policy of the National Party that their candidates will be directly responsible to their local constituency associations and not be controlled by the Party Leader, or Whips’ office.  In this respect, money collected by local Party members should be kept in a local account controlled by the local Treasurer and primarily used to support and promote the local candidate.   This is in sharp contrast to the current BNP where there is an expensive ‘top heavy’ system that bleeds the local organisations dry.


          The local Prospective Parliamentary Candidate and his team may consider that contesting local elections will strengthen his/her chances in a Parliamentary election.   However, it should be noted that national policies are not necessarily those that influence local elections.  In particular, a successful National Party candidate would, on becoming a councillor, have to obey the national laws made at Westminster just the same as everyone else.   The fact that he has been elected as a National Party councillor makes no difference.


          Under no circumstances could it be worthwhile to spend time and money on European elections.   Even if a candidate was elected he will have no power in the United Kingdom and his voice would be swamped in Brussels.  The BNP, under its current leader is putting the main party effort into the Euro-elections at the expense of fighting Parliamentary elections.  Why?


 “We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children”.


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