1st December 07.


                                                  ‘STATE’ INTERFERENCE.                         


          It has long been felt that some people who join nationalist parties have joined on behalf of organisations hostile to the concept of a national party.   It is entirely possible that some join primarily to pass information, but others may be there to stir up trouble, or steer the efforts of members into unproductive directions.   Of course, there are also people who are just naturally awkward, or stupid.  It is only on rare occasions that one can be absolutely certain that a person is from the ‘other side’.   One such occasion was that concerning Ray Hill.   Ray Hill, who was Jewish, and later declared himself as such, was working for “Searchlight”, a Jewish magazine that has ‘State’ backing.   Ray Hill pushed for the name change, New National Front to British National Party.  This change exacerbated the split between the New National Front and the other fragments of the original National Front and thus widened the split.

          However, it is not possible to map out with certainty who exactly is ‘State’ and who are just misguided or stupid.   What can be discerned with a fair degree of confidence is, that the nationalist movement has been gently guided into groups that have been very ineffective.   In the early eighties we have seen inept leadership of the National Front leading to a major split into three separate groups, one of which eventually died, one that became the BNP, and a smaller group, part of which became the current National Front. The BNP and the current NF were the only groups to survive the split.  The most important fact to register concerning this split was that the majority of supporters of the original National Front ceased to belong to either of the above parties.    There was also an enormous loss of funds, in particular, the NF had a substantial freehold property, Excaliber House, that was used as a National HQ and this was lost.

          The original National Front was chaired by John Tyndall with Martin Webster as main organiser.  The BNP was chaired by John Tyndall, (JT), until 1999 and since then by Nick Griffin, (NG).  The only time during this long period that nationalism appeared to be growing and likely to gain power in Parliament was during the time Martin Webster was the active organiser.

          Bearing in mind the above preamble, John Tyndall was, from the point of view of ‘State’, the ideal leader.  He was just good enough to hold together a small number of people but had no real idea of running an organisation.  My personal view is that he was a sincere man with many virtues but with blindspots that made him unsuitable as a leader.   The general opinion of Nick Griffin is that he is not a nationalist at all and he is in the ‘game’ just for the money.   From ‘State’s’ point of view he is a very worthwhile successor to John Tyndall.

          One of the ways that JT and NG have prevented the growth of a National Party is/was their ability to weed out and discourage, or in NG’s case actively expel, persons of ability and education.  NG appears also to be sucking as much money out of the branches as possible and so preventing the development of strong local branches.  From ‘State’s’ point of view, having a blundering unsuccessful nationalist party was ideal, as it effectively prevents the spontaneous formation of a properly organised national party.

          It is unrealistic to expect that NG will stand down from the BNP and it would be very difficult to remove him, as the BNP’s Constitution is that of a dictatorship.  It would seem, therefore, that there are only two possible courses of action.   One is to transfer all effort to the current National Front.   This Party is very small but does have a reasonable Constitution and reasonable current officers.   It does, however, suffer from historical ‘baggage’.   The other course of action is to start afresh.

          Whichever course is taken, it seems essential to find a real leader!  It is very difficult to imagine starting a party with uneducated personnel and then ‘upgrading’.   Where to find a leader?

There are a number of possibilities, one of which is the retired personnel of the Armed Forces.  Some of the top military have, at long last, realised that there is far more to defending the Country than being physically brave.  (That helps, of course!)  Other possibilities are industry and the universities.

          Finding a genuine leader must be our priority?



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