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What is the point of the BNP if you admit foreigners?


 “The BNP must be reformed – Support the Reform Group.”


 Report on “Sterlingwork” Meeting

29th August in the Midlands



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Where does it say in the Constitution that there can be life members?


 The Reform Group of the British National Party came into being because many members, particularly established members, were concerned by the way the Party was run.  The current leader, Nick Griffin has, and the founder leader, John Tyndall had, enormous talent in some directions but it seems none in others.  This has meant the Party has not been developed in a balanced manner.  Reform Group members do not believe the propaganda put out in the Party literature that the Party is doing well.  In particular, we mention the large number of activists who are leaving the Party and being replaced by inexperienced people with little idea of our policies and the enormous pressure that can be put on activists by the State.


The Major Differences between the Reform Group and the ‘Griffin’ BNP.


1.  We believe the Party should have a Constitution and structure that is normal for an association.  This would mean that the principal party officials would be elected and that there would be Annual General Meetings when all members could propose resolutions and vote.   In particular, the Treasurer would be elected by the members and the Auditor would report to the members.   There would be an end to the current ‘dictatorship’ whereby the Party Chairman appoints all officials of the Party.  

2.  We believe that the Party should not waste precious resources, and the time and energy of its members, in participating in the European Parliament.  MEPs have no power.   We believe that the purpose of the BNP is to gain power.  It is MPs at Westminster that have the power to make laws.  All our resources should be used to gain MPs.

3.  We believe that the Party should be organised as strong, semi-autonomous, local constituency associations responsible for their own funds.

4.  We believe that we should make every effort to unite the various nationalist parties and encourage members who have left the BNP to rejoin.  (It should be noted that the main reason for the existence of the various parties is the fact that many people could not work with John Tyndall and now with Nick Griffin.)  There are not great differences in policy between the groups.  A new Party Chairman is required who has a rounded personality and the ability to get on with all members.


            The Reform Group mounted a Leadership Challenge in 2007.  Stood aside to allow another group to stand in 2008.   The Reform Group is currently informally discussing, with a wide range of nationalists, a major challenge to the system of dictatorship, which is the current BNP.

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"We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children."

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