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A Moderate National Party.     Since the end of WWII, politics in the UK, and indeed in the world in general, has been overshadowed by the great battle between the opposing dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler and the associated creeds of Communism and Racial Nationalism. We have been told ad nauseam that racial nationalism is evil and wrong.   This is untrue!


Strategy for a National Party.     Originally written when reform of the BNP was still seen as a possibility.  Describes how the party should operate based on essentially independent constituency parties.  MPs responsible to their local party and not to a party leader or the whips.


To get you thinking!


1.A very brief history of government in the UK.   The practical situation and how we arrived there.


2.Why are we on this earth?  Religion and atheism – can believers and non-believers work together? Yes!


3.Defence of the Realm.  What is the purpose of the Armed Forces?  Is it to defend us and the UK?


4. The Governance of the United Kingdom.     This is a very theoretical paper and should be skipped by all but the most ‘geekish’.


5. The Farce of the Jubilee.  60 years of looting and destruction of our nation.


6. Criteria for Parliamentary candidates.  Currently, there is no requirement to be in anyway qualified!



The following articles concern the break-up of the BNP and the development of the above articles.


Articles calling for reform of the BNP.                                                           


                   Open letter to the BNP dated June 03.     This was the original article calling for reform.


Second Open letter to the BNP.     This article contains a very good resumé of the situation plus a detailed history of the nationalist movement.   Since this article was written the BNP has gone multiracial!         


Resumé of aims of the Reform Group


                   Closing of Reform Group of the BNP.    This is the final home page for the website, “Jackson4Leader”,       that explains the reasons for closure.  The site will shortly close.





The Constitution of the NF.


The Constitution of the BNP.  Please note that the BNP’s Constitution has gone through many editions since the     ones published here.   Effectively, it is now: “Whatever the Chairman says it is!”


The Constitution of the DN




National Front


British National Party.


Other articles:



“Sterlingwork”.   This is a trust and not a political party.


Some definitions.


“State” interference.


The 6 Principles. 


“We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children”.


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