Each article is ‘stand alone’ but as a group the articles give an overall feel for Social Nationalism.

                             Article A             “Why are people Nationalists, What do they believe?”

                             Article B              A Moderate National Party – Racial Nationalism.

                             Article C             Hitlerism, Racial Nationalism, Social Nationalism – Totalitarianism, Democracy

                             Opinion No 10.  Defence of the Realm – our utter weakness.

                             Opinion No 13.  Entitlement to retirement, does it exist?

                             Opinion 22.        “Our Nation is dying.”

                             Opinion No 14.   Uncompromising, vigorous, determined.

                                                           Normality versus Molochism.

                             Opinion No 17.   Discusses the necessity for marriage and three children.

                             Opinion No 21.    Common ownership of the nation’s infrastructure.

                             Opinion No opA.  Discusses religion and nationalism plus Molochism.




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