The BNP, despite its current tactical success, needs to reform in a number of ways in order to avoid the current momentum petering out. It also needs to address the problem of the growing number of little nationalist parties.  Reform should make it attractive for these parties to merge with the BNP into a united single “National Party”. Mentioned below are three areas that definitely need attention:


1. Leadership structure. The current BNP constitution makes the Party leader a dictator.  This is clearly unsatisfactory and becomes more unsatisfactory as the Party grows.  Many people are reluctant to join a Party so structured and are doubly reluctant to make donations when there appear to be no safeguards on how the money is spent.

The old pre-1979 National Front suffered in the other direction by having 20 equal “Directorate members”.  This meant that the meetings of that Directorate were often indecisive and always time consuming. As a talking point, a system is required that is sufficiently broad based to give confidence that the Party is not a one man dictatorship, but not so broad that decisiveness is lost.  The current National Front system has much to commend it. A small number of people are elected by the members. These elected members then elect a leader.  A similar system could be adopted by the BNP: say 5 members elected to a Directorate and from that 5 the leader is elected but remains subject to the majority vote of the Directorate.  The Freedom Party has a similar system.


2. The reasoning behind the policies of the BNP needs to be agreed and written down.  Outsiders may think that BNP members have a single idea of the fundamentals of  belief.  However, this is just not true and in practice there is a wide spread of belief.  “The 6 Principles.” are published to focus discussion about this very vital issue.  Stating the principles clearly will help the Party explain its position and be a positive aid to recruitment.


3.  The Party name.   The British National Party started life as the New National Front. (The original National Front having split up into many parts.)  The Party name was later changed by a very narrow majority, primarily at the behest of Ray Hill, who was later found to be an infiltrator/agent provocateur.  The past leader of the BNP was not English, nor is the current leader. Neither appear to appreciate just how, to put it politely, offputting the word “British” is to an Englishman and, I believe, to Scots. The name British National Party is a positive liability to recruitment in English areas.  Another reason is that to describe the party as British is a form of illiteracy.  In the United Kingdom we are, “The National Party”, we do not need to describe ourselves further.



“We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children”.


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 21st June 03

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