28th Jan 12


The farce of the Jubilee.


The Jubilee celebrations are an opportunity for nationalists to show that their ideas are realistic and sound.


The Queen and her reign have been an unmitigated disaster for the UK. In a ‘Constitutional Monarchy’, (see article above), for it to work the King has to be an outstanding individual who rules with the advice of his ministers.   Is the Queen an outstanding person?  Is she ruling, or is she just letting the crooks at Westminster have a free rein?


If we had had a stuffed parrot as Head of State, it could have been no worse. 


Some of the 'achievements' of the reign are:


Letting millions of foreigners invade our homeland.

Selling off of major companies into foreign ownership, including the major utilities.

Shutdown of the coal industry.

Virtual disbandment of the Armed Forces.

Debasement of our currency.

Saddling the country with a massive "National Debt".

Destruction of the education system.

Sell out to the EU.


Every single item designed to weaken the nation.


(Currently, Cameron and Salmond are manoeuvring to break up the Union. This will make us weaker still.)


What are we supposed to be celebrating - 60 years of the looting and destruction of our nation?


Let's show real leadership and pull the plug on the celebrations.


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