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It has been found that the articles on this website contain too much detail for people new to nationalism to take in at their first attempt.  The following is a limited and condensed statement that should be seen as a foundation on which more detail can be built.


We believe that a ‘National Party’ should have a proper Constitution that is recognisable as reasonable for an association under English law, for example, it should besides the Chairman, have an elected Vice Chairman and Treasurer who then hold their positions independent of the Chairman.  There should be annual meetings of members to elect these officers.


The National Party is organised around semi-autonomous constituency associations.  National Party MPs would be responsible to the local constituency association rather than being controlled by a Party Leader, or Whips’ Office.   In effect National Party MPs would be independent nationalists.


The National Party political principles are in condensed form:


1. The United Kingdom, (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) is our homeland and no-one else is allowed to live in it permanently.

2. We are an independent nation with our own independent Parliament.

3. We wish to live and be ruled according to our traditional laws and customs.


          The above rules mean that we wish to see all so called “immigrants” leave the country – “Humane repatriation”.  We also wish to leave the European Union.


                By reason of rule 3 above we are a moderate centrist party.


          In the matter of ‘immigration’ and the EU there is, in effect, an undeclared war.    Defending one’s homeland and family does not allow the concept of moderation.  In war there are no rules.  A lost war means that we and our families would have no rights.  Everything would be taken from us and also our lives!




 “We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children”.


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