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The purpose of this website is to encourage the formation of a moderate national party. Currently there are a number of nationalist and pseudo-nationalist parties in the United Kingdom; however, none of these until recently seemed likely to develop into major, effective parties. The British National Party has a Constitution that has allowed it to be hijacked by its leader for, presumably his own purposes, and has become a national party in name only, (Amongst other things it is now multiracial.) UKIP is only superficially nationalist and is multiracial. The English Democrats are multiracial and wish to facilitate the break-up of the United Kingdom.


The National Front until 2009 was tiny and effectively moribund. However at the end of 2009 it reformed itself and is now poised to grow into being a serious contender for the title of “The National Party-uk.”


We define a national party as a party that believes that the United Kingdom should be peopled entirely by English, Welsh, Scots and Irish or their mixtures plus, in exceptional cases, other Europeans. It is our view that a party that does not hold this fundamental belief is not a United Kingdom national party. The members of a national party are nationalists.


The above definition does not presuppose any particular political programme. We wish to promote a moderate programme that will undo the damage done to our nation over the last 50 years and restore our traditional laws, customs and freedoms.


          It is suggested that you read the following “Introduction” before looking at other articles, as there is too much to take in at one go:






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National Front Rosettes – WEAR YOUR ROSETTE WITH PRIDE.



“We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children.”


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