In politics words tend to have different meanings over time and according to who is using them.  In these pages the words have the following meanings.


Totalitarian.  A political system that controls every word and action of every citizen.  A system that punishes deviation from its regulation very severely, often by execution.   For example, Hitlerism and Stalinism.


Socialism.  A political system that recognises that every citizen is dependent on his fellow citizens and they on him. 


Communism.  A political system where all property is owned by the state.


Racial Nationalism.  A political system that  promotes the happiness and health of its citizens and will not allow citizens of other nations to settle in its homeland.


Hitlerism.  A totalitarian form of Racial Nationalism.


Stalinism.  A totalitarian form of Communism.


Nation.  There are many definitions of a nation.


1.  A nation is a group of people of the same race and culture. This is “Racial Nationalism” and is the policy of the National Party.

2.  A nation is a group of people determined to be a nation.  An example is Switzerland where there are three or four different cultures combined in a military alliance. (Die Eidgenossenschaft.)

3. The Irish definition – like many Irishisms at first sight silly but on second thought quite profound – “Either you are Irish or you are not!”  In other words one Irishman can tell another.

4.  A nation is the largest grouping in which the individual’s prosperity, health, happiness and future of his/her children is maximised.  (Too small, the nation is weak, too large and the individual is forgotten.)


“We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our childrens’s children.”


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