What are the Armed Forces for?  Surely they there to defend us - the people of the United Kingdom - our territory, or a combination of both?


          If this is so then, since 1945, our Armed forces have failed in their task.  Over 10 million foreigners have invaded these islands and now the government is surrendering our nationhood to the 'Common Market" without a word from the Armed Forces let alone a shot being fired!


          The Armed Forces have sunk into being little more than a job club for a few thousand 'professionals' who fight the occasional foreign war to suit the interests of the reigning party at Westminster.  Army officers, for example, seem more concerned with the loss of regimental identity than with the fundamental question of national defence.


          If the UK were attacked today, the Armed Forces could not defend this country effectively, as the civilian population has no shelter and would not know what to do in an emergency.  Nor has it the training and equipment to resupply the fighting man, or to rebuild after attack. Worst of all, much of the population does not have the will to win.


          Currently defence policy is decided by a party political minister in Parliament, who only holds the position for a short time, and usually decides defence policy for the short term benefit of his party, rather than the long term benefit of the Nation.


          The Armed Forces must see themselves as a 'Great National Institution' ranking in importance alongside Parliament and the Judiciary. As the 'Great National Institution' concerned with defence, they must take the lead in initiating and promoting public debate concerning the proper defence of the United Kingdom.


This originally published in 1988 as a leaflet by Kent Nationalists.


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