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8th December 15


In this article the term “infrastructure” has a very broad meaning and besides physical assets, such as roads, buildings and machinery, is taken to include knowledge, skills and traditions.

Some infrastructure is owned by the state, some by companies and some, like knowledge and skills, are in free circulation.

Every baby born in the United Kingdom automatically takes a share of the UK infrastructure. This is entirely separate from any inheritance that the child gets from its parents or relations.

It is not possible to put a monetary figure for the value of the United Kingdom infrastructure, particularly when the non-physical assets are to be included. However, the figure must be very large – or was.

Over the last 40 years or so, the UK Governments have sold off many of the country’s basic assets and these assets are now in the hands of foreigners, such as French, German and Chinese companies. UK citizens no longer have a share in the companies that, for example, supply water and gas. Citizens are being forced to pay for facilities that they once owned. Where did the money go that was raised by selling the citizens’ assets?

It is a matter of opinion what should be owned publicly. On this point nationalists differ from the internationalists. Nationalists believe that the main utilities and services, such as, hospitals and railways should be publicly owned. Young people should be provided with homes and not have to buy properties via a crippling mortgage.

It needs to be pointed out that foreigners coming to settle (we hope temporarily) in the UK get all the benefits of UK infrastructure but bring nothing with them. This means that they are taking a share of the infrastructure that rightly belongs to genuine UK citizens.

It should be noted that this matter is entirely separate from the damage done by these foreigners to our traditional way of life and possible future genetic damage.

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